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Specimun hunt 188 FISH CAUGHT!!!

Alex Smeatons Species Hunt – 17th May 2012

The lads had travelled down to Liverpool from Scotland and Ireland on a Lads weekend.
Locked out of Liverpool Marina at 10:30am, with everybody buzzing for a good day fishing. Headed out over the bar to hit the first mark of the day. On the way we had a drift over a very small wreck and that proved friutless, so we carried on to our first mark. The intention was to spend a few hours here bottom fishing, then head off to another mark. We dropped the anchor and began fishing and within minutes the first few mackeral of the day were pulled in. Followed closely by various different species. Once the guys had caught a few different species and Gordon had laid a susbstantial amount of groundbait for us, rigs where changed yet again onto more substantial tackle. This proved to be productive as Simon hooked into the first of man Bullhuss which weighed in at 11lb. Once everybody saw Simon catch one, everybody wanted a huss and the tactics changed. Once all the rigs were changed the Huss came in two at a time, with Simon landing 2 Huss and a doggie at the same time. His Huss weighed in at 10lb and 6lb each.
Not to be outdone the Colonel, landed a decent 10lb Huss. The fishing got more and more frantic as we had 6 landed Bullhuss on the deck at one time, trying to weigh and record details of them all. In between all of the Huss coming aboard, there were plenty of whiting, mackeral, doggies, Red an Tub Gurnard. Simon managed to catch a decent 10lb Thornback, rebaited and dropped his line back into the water only to hook another Bullhuss which weighed in at 14lb. Once the guys had broken our boat record for the number of Huss in a day(in 4Hours). We still needed to up the species count. So off we went to a mark further offshore. Straight away we managed to pull 3 Cod aboard with the best falling to John at 6lb.
Immediately we set off to another mark, to catch Plaice,Flounder and Dabs. Alex was the first to pull in a nice Dab, followed by Simon with 1lb 5oz Plaice. Gordon landed the first Flounder of the day. Plenty more Dabs were pulled aboard. The Colonel hooked a nice Plaice, but didnt know whether to land it or leave it swimming around the side of the boat. Once we we got it aboard it weighed 1lb 5oz. After dropping his line back into the water, he hooked into a Flounder(which turned out to be his first, as he had never got on before).
As the day was drawing to a close we tallied all of the fish numbers up and we had broken their previous fish caught record of 176 with 188. This was over 14 different species.Please note we did not count mackerel in these totals.

A cracking day out, with a real good bunch of lads. Even the Shimano Scotland Rep had a laugh on a Diawa sponsored boat.

Gary Flint